Relief Engraving is an application that requires experience in cnc cutting and requires high precision. Working mainly on wood/solid materials. We can say that material selection is the first thing to be considered in relief cnc cutting.


In carving works, it is preferable to have as much dry and hard wood as possible in the machine, as opposed to hand-made. Because it is a result that we do not want to encounter problems such as fringing and feathering during the application.

As extra handwork, sanding and cleaning costs at the exit of the machine will greatly increase, it puts the manufacturer in difficult situations.


The next step after choosing the right material is the bit. In relief cnc cutting, the choice of tool is mostly made with more than one blade, depending on the stages of the material to be processed. The experience of the operator gains importance at every point. It is imperative that the operational management of an efficient, high-quality machining cnc machine be flawless. As Efor Cnc , we always work with the motto of high quality, on-time delivery, with our vast experience in carving works, as in all areas of cnc cutting.