We serve the furniture industry with affordable prices , with dozens of options such as CNC Door Models, MDF and Solid Wood, or with specially designed cnc door models. As Efor Cnc, we offer solution-oriented contract cnc cutting with high quality standard with our new generation technology machine. Fast and High Quality CNC Cutting..

Efor Cnc ‘s primary goal is to deliver work on time with realistic solutions. Efficiency, which should be in all businesses, is also our priority in our workshop.

Material compatibility is one of the issues to be considered in both three-axis and two-axis CNC machining. Quality results are not obtained with incompatible materials. For this reason, as a business, we first determine how to work with which materials and under what conditions.



As it is known, we work with precision close to microns with a low margin of error. Our work requires patience and it is very valuable to act by using the time well. We are a company that knows what to do, has a developed technical infrastructure and has a high operator experience. At the same time, we continue the work without interruption with the minimum margin of error in the intense work tempo. This way of formula goes through dedication and love for work.

What are we doing?

We eliminate the factors that can sometimes cause negative results in incoming business demands. For example, if the hardness of MDF or wood does not comply with the pulp quality cutting method in the works to be applied, it causes situations such as fringing and rough ground. Naturally, the loss of time brought by rough cleaning and fine sanding in the stages after the cnc process increases the cost burden.

The Importance of the Milling Cutter in Door Machining

In CNC machining, not only the material, but also another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the machine tools. The knives we use are subjected to high pressure under certain conditions. Therefore, wear and tear is inevitable. We use tools that are suitable for every material we process in our workshop.

The operation of knives made of carbide steel in different variations creates brittleness depending on their metallurgical structure. Blunt and worn tool should be replaced. Avoiding the cost and using the knife until it breaks / dulls directly affects the quality of the work to be done.

We ensure sustainable quality thanks to the technological investments we make regularly to avoid delays in orders, and the up-to-dateness of machinery, equipment and periodic maintenance of the machinery.

In the light of all these factors, it is really hard work to ensure sustainable total quality. As Efor Cnc, our aim is to increase our brand value as a long-term solution partner. The economical solution is not actually the cheapest. It is necessary to have a principle in order to deliver the work with the right quality at the time of commitment.