Special solutions in CNC Cutting

Business Sense

As Efor Cnc and Design Workshop, which brought a new breath to the CNC cutting woodworking sector in 2016, our principle is; is a quality, fast and sensitive business approach. We reflect our constantly developing design knowledge to our work and offer our customers a high level of sustainable service. With more than ten years of CNC cutting experience, we do our job with high technology machine support and responsibility awareness. We use special high-density MDF and derivative materials. We provide work quality at sustainable high-level standards with correct cutting methods.


Price policy in accessible numbers in market conditions.

Reasonable Prices

We are working to ensure that this is sustainable while providing the best conditions in terms of price and performance.

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It offers you different solutions with its self-renewing design approach.

Always New Perspective

Efor Cnc, which always renews itself with its perspective and knowledge, adds value to your projects.

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Solution oriented

It saves time and labor by offering practical suggestions.


We are trying to make it easier, not harder.

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Delivery of work within the commitment period, using the time correctly.

On time

It is very important for us to deliver your work within the promised time.

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Processing of materials in CNC cutting can be done with practice based on experience. In machining products used indoors or outdoors, cutting in computerized machines provides great convenience in practice.

With the right combinations in restoration projects or modern designs, it is possible to get accurate results very quickly and at an affordable cost.

The point we pay attention to when cutting in our business located on the Istanbul Anatolian Side, as in our other works, is our principle of problem-free and on-time delivery.

As Efor Cnc, we are proud to serve 40 different sectors. It is a great pleasure for us to do different works on a wide scale, from automotive to decoration, from lighting to furniture. We strive to be a pioneer in the machining industry with cnc machines by always pushing the limits and improving our experience with the excitement of producing something new.


Our Sample Works

Mdf, Mdflam, Poliamide, Cast Poliamide, Chipboard, Chipboard, Solid, Mdkap, Plexi etc. Special solutions for 2D/3D Cutting, Engraving, Carving and Sizing processes in materials.

Our Values

We work with the understanding of “Let’s win together”, not “Let’s win no matter what”.

Reliable Partner

With more than 10 years of CNC cutting experience, we do our job with high technology machine support and responsibility awareness.

Inspiring Solutions

In order to get results with reasonable solutions in a short time..